Black Stencil Music Guitarist Roy Orbison Shirt

Black Stencil Music Guitarist Roy Orbison Shirt

This statement implies that when someone spends money, the Black Stencil Music Guitarist Roy Orbison Shirt disappears. However, whenever money is spent, the money still exists in the hands of the recipient of that spending. Then when that person spends that money they received, again, it does not disappear, it is transferred to the recipient of THAT spending etc. At the end of all that spending, at the end of the given time period, the money used will still exist and can be considered as savings, in someone’s pocket. So someone making that argument for the macroeconomy must be talking about something other than spending of money. Perhaps they are talking about wealth. Perhaps they are implying that all that spending depletes wealth.

Black Stencil Music Guitarist Roy Orbison Shirt

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Black Stencil Music Guitarist Roy Orbison Shirt
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