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So, let’s back up. In the title of Early Modern witch hunts, the word “witch” doesn’t mean the same thing as it does now. Now, the word “witch” refers to a practitioner of folk and/or ceremonial magic, and many neopagans self-identify as witches. In the Early Modern period, a witch was a person who had sold his or her soul to the Devil in exchange for malevolent magical powers. The real target of the witch hunts was an imaginary conspiracy of devil-worshippers. Did these devil-worshippers exist? No. Of course not. But thousands of women and men were executed because they were believed to be evil devil-worshippers, based on very little (if any) evidence. Did they actually harm people? No, of course not. Kramer wrote this book because a strong, independent, outspoken woman named Helena Scheuberin spurned him and claimed that he and his sermons were evil. (Judging by the content of this book, she was probably right.) He accused her of witchcraft, and she was acquitted, because there wasn’t enough evidence against her. Kramer was so pissed off by this that he changed the narrative permanently. After the publication and popularity of the Malleus, evidence no longer mattered.
The title in this book is comparable to some of the slimiest corners of the Internet. Even in the context of late medieval/Early Modern Europe, this book is horrendously sexist. It basically blames women for all the evils plaguing mankind, i.e. “the devil is bad but he works through women.” Although men can become witches, women are more likely to be witches because they experience insatiable lust, and the Devil offers them sexual satisfaction. It was commonly believed in the Middle Ages that women were lustful while men were not (almost the polar opposite of today, and women still get the short end of the stick), but this book takes it a step further. Its argument is that women are physically, mentally, morally, and spiritually weaker than men, therefore they are naturally inclined towards the Devil.Buy it now: Ben StAutism Awareness Boys Kids Dabbing Puzzle Piece Sunglasses T Shirt

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