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The title in this book is comparable to some of the slimiest corners of the Internet. Even in the context of late medieval/Early Modern Europe, this book is horrendously sexist. It basically blames women for all the evils plaguing mankind, i.e. “the devil is bad but he works through women.” Although men can become witches, women are more likely to be witches because they experience insatiable lust, and the Devil offers them sexual satisfaction. It was commonly believed in the Middle Ages that women were lustful while men were not (almost the polar opposite of today, and women still get the short end of the stick), but this book takes it a step further. Its argument is that women are physically, mentally, morally, and spiritually weaker than men, therefore they are naturally inclined towards the Devil.
But the title is that she is more carnal than man, as is clear from her many carnal abominations. And it should be noted that there was a defect in the formation of the first women, since she was formed from a bent rib, that is, a rib of the breast, which is bent as if it were in a contrary direction to a man. And since through this defect she is an imperfect animal, she always deceives. For Cato says: When a woman weeps she weaves snares. And again: When a woman weeps, she labours to deceive a man. And this is shown by Samson’s wife, who coaxed him to tell her the riddle he had propounded to the Philistines, and told them the answer, and so deceived him. And it is clear in the case of the first woman that she had little faith; for when the serpent asked why they did not eat of the every tree in Paradise, she answered: Of every tree, etc. – lest perchance we die. Thereby she showed that she doubted, and had little in the word of God. And all this is indicated by the etymology of the word; for Femina comes from Fe and Minus, since she is ever weaker to hold and preserve the faith. And this as regards faith is of her very nature.Buy it now: Ben StClean up on aisle 46 We The People American Flag AR 15 Long Sleeve T Shirt

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